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ASPA History

1958–1980: James L. Nisbet, Director, High School Service, Division of Continuing Education
–1976: William F. O’Connor, Director, Field Services, School of Communication
1976–1981: Charles Arrendell, Chair, Program in Journalism/AHSPA-AJEA Liaison
1980– : John K. Conroy, Director, Office of Campus Programs
1981–1982: Rita Oates, Professor of Journalism/AHSPA-AJEA Liaison
1981–1985: Charles Self, Chair, Journalism Department, AHSPA Liaison
1982–1984: Marian Huttentine, Professor of Journalism/ASPA Coordinator
David Heggem, Office of Campus Programs
1984–1992: Marie Parsons, Graduate Assistant and Journalism Instructor/ASPA Director
1985–1987: David Sloan, Acting Chair, Journalism Department
1987–1991: Jay Black, Chair, Journalism Department
1991–1992: Ed Mullins, Chair, Journalism Department
1992–1994: Kathy Lawrence, Director, Student Media Programs/ASPA Director
1992–1993: Suzanne Cambell, Graduate Assistant/ASPA Coordinator
1993–1994: Jimmy McCollum, Graduate Assistant/ASPA Coordinator
1994–2001: Monica Hill, External Relations Specialist, Division of Student Affairs/ASPA Director
2002–2004: Andy Duncan, Assistant Director, Office of Student Media/ASPA Director
2004–2005: Deidre Stalnaker, Assistant Director, Office of Student Media/ASPA Coordinator
2005–2007: Amanda Al-Betar, Program Coordinator, UA College of Continuing Studies
2007: Marissa Reeves, Instructor, Journalism/Public Relations, Liaison
2006–2007: Loy Singleton, Acting Chair, Department of Journalism
2007: Jennifer Greer, Chair, Department of Journalism
2007–2008: Marie Parsons, Emeritus, ASPA Interim Director
2008–2019: Meredith Cummings, Senior Journalism Instructor, ASPA Director
2021–2023: Dianne Bragg, Associate Professor, Assistant Chair, Interim ASPA Director
2023–present: Becky Robinson, Instructor, Director of Scholastic Media